Opiate Addiction: How To Become Drug Free


Opiate Addiction: How To Become Drug Free – An Unbiased And Accurate Overview Of Opiate Addiction And Its Treatment Options

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Opiate Addiction: How to become Drug Free is a unique collection of extensive academic, professional and personal knowledge, designed to inform and empower any person struggling from the impact of opioid addiction. Far from being a simple ‘self-help’ manual, this guide provides you with an unbiased account about the causes of opioid addiction, the treatment options available, and how they work. Knowledge is power, and with this incredible book you will be armed and ready to navigate the stormy waters of opioid dependence.



‘Opiate Addiction: How to become Drug Free is unbiased, accurate and empathetic. It will be an invaluable resource for healthcare professionals, as well as for people living with opioid addiction, wishing to make informed decisions about the most appropriate treatment options available to them.’ Dr Fergus Law, MBChB, BSc, FRCPsych, Consultant in Substance Misuse Psychiatry

‘This concise manual is an authentic, evidence-based and unique guide to the causes of opioid dependence and the pharmacological treatment options available, including opioid substitution, detoxification and relapse prevention.’ Dr Jan Melichar, BSc, MB BS, MD, FRCPsych. Consultant in Substance Misuse Psychiatry, visiting Senior Lecturer in Psychopharmacology of Addiction, University of Bath

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